Our goal is for you to THRIVE in the beauty industry – not just get by; for you to love what you do and make money doing it.

Instead of slowly gaining professional skills over the years in the industry, start with a school that will teach you in depth business training and fully equip you to start your prosperous future as soon as you graduate.

With Prosper U, an innovative, hands-on, and results-driven cosmetology business program, you will learn techniques to:

  • Attract and win over clients to keep them coming back
  • Increase the average ticket, number of clients, frequency of client visits,average retail ticket and improve client retention
  • Utilize every moment with clients to build loyalty
  • Leverage your daily schedule for maximum productivity and efficiency
  • Develop your own personal practices for success
  • Perfect “Legendary Customer Service”
  • Create a “WOW” experience for clients
  • Achieve financial success
  • Earn the big bucks

With Prosper U Business Training

you will become successful at:

• Building client trust and loyalty
• Mastering the retail experience
• Offering legendary customer service 
• Making positive changes
• Achieving financial success

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